Experience and professionalism are the key elements of Leonardo Russo and a guarantee of standard quality, a superior style and creativity, which intend to establish the brand as a worldwide trend setter. The brand has a solid history and stems from the will of Francesco Russo to build a lasting business, based on over 40 years of activity in the field of Italian footwear and by collaborating with well-known brands in the industry.
The company mission is to promote “Made in Italy” in the world, ensuring quality and refinement of true Italian products. In fact, at the heart of Leonardo Russo’s corporate project there is an innovative concept of creative design that has unique characteristics. All women’s shoes are finished with authentic tailoring operations, performed by highly skilled workers.

This allows a perfect balance between the beauty of the artisan minutiae and the industrial production capabilities. The production process is divided into more than 70 phases and each of them takes care of even the smallest detail with the aim of achieving a result of primary value. The materials used for the production of each shoe are different and selected with extreme care, in order to create original and recognizable shapes each time: fine leathers of suede, kidskin and reptiles, paint and fabrics.

The secret behind such a well done work of craft is only one: the passion that animates those who take part in it. The Leonardo Russo company is a great family in which both tradition and history are handed down. What characterizes our country in the world in the field of excellence is, above all, love for the art of Italian craftsmanship.