An idea becomes a project, and then a product.

There is no other way around: each step of the crafting process is linked to the previous and next one.
What is the underlying factor? We call it PASSION
That’s how our women shoes take the shape that distinguishes them. Those who choose our products aim for an elegant and refined design, without having to give up two priorities: uncompromising comfort and a quality made in Italy product. We make women shoes this way for just one reason:
we can’t do differently.
We have been collaborating with a lot of well known brands for a long time. We’ve served them for years with our skill and our art, but we finally decided to create our own brand to show, first of all to ourselves, what we are capable of doing.

Producing Beauty | Made In Italy

Head, hands and innovative technologies.
Our women shoes are made with authentic sartorial operations, performed by professional workers.
This allows a perfect balance between the beauty of handcrafted details and industrial production capability.
The detailed process is divided into 70 phases: from the choice and cut of pelt, to the hemming of the upper, from assembly to finishing touch and packaging. Every aspect of this process is managed according to a philosophy that puts just one thing at the center: an absolutely valuable result!
Processing decolletè, sneakers and boots: to make our shoes we use various kinds of materials such as valuable chamois, reptiles, paints and textiles. However, they have one thing in common: they are carefully chosen to create unique and recognizable shapes every time.